General Regulations

Cidade do Leite, Parque de Exposições Dário Macedo - Castro – PR
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Event Date and Time: August 14–18, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Promoted by: Castrolanda Cooperativa Agroindustrial Ltda.
Booth assembly/set-up period: July 9th to August 10th, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Last day for entry of equipment and machinery: August 12th, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Last day for entry of automobiles: August 13th, by 10 a.m.

Booth disassembly/break-down period: August 19–31, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The AGROLEITE Organizing Committee will issue credentials to the exhibitor companies that participate in the even. Exhibitors should request issuance of credentials of their companies starting on July 25th. Credentials should be picked up at the "CENTRAL DE CREDENCIAMENTO" of Milk City (Cidade do Leite) starting on August 6.
The exhibiting companies should pick up the credentials according to the size of the area used, as follows:
a) 80 to 100 square meters: 10 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
b) 101–200m²: 10 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
c) 201–300m²: 10 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
d) 301–400m²: 10 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
e) 401–500m²: 12 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
f) 501–600m²: 14 pedestrian credentials and 02 vehicle stickers;
The ORGANIZER will provide stickers for vehicles (cars) that should be picked up along with the Pedestrian Credentials at the "CENTRAL DE CREDENCIAMENTO," otherwise you will not have access to the parking area on the event's opening day. The ORGANIZER informs that it has an internal parking area for trucks and buses in a place provided by the Organization; vehicles will be subject to a fine if not parked in the designated place.

2.1 ANIMAL EXHIBITORS - The credentials will be distributed by the Cattle Management Sector of Castrolanda, and delivered according to the list prepared with the sector. Each exhibitor will be entitled to 02 (two) vehicle credentials.

2.2 PRESS OFFICE - The credentials of journalists, radio broadcasters or communication professionals will be delivered to the "CENTRAL DE CREDENCIAMENTO," previously issued through the website

Booth assembly companies and any other service providers who perform services and/or assemblies at Agroleite 2018 must have their credentials issued and must submit all the documentation required by the Organizer. In order to become an accredited Assembler/Service Provider, the company must:
• Register Service Providers via the website; 
• Send Form 02 - Assembler Employee List, (available at, filled out with full name and CPF (or SSN) of all staff members that will be providing services within the Park, and email to:;
• Participate in the Assembler Accreditation meeting, with prior notification of the date and place;
• Not have any records of default with the Organizer at previous events.
ATTENTION EXHIBITORS: Before hiring the assembler of your booth, check that it is accredited and authorized by the Organizer on the List of Official Assemblers (  Once the Assembler has been chosen, the EXHIBITOR must issue Form 01 - Assembler Authorization, (available at, and email the form to:

The booth assembly period, including installation of furniture and electronics, will be from July 9 to August 10. This time frame will be strictly enforced by the Organizer. Working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. After this time, movement of personnel within the area of the Park is prohibited; failure to comply with the schedule may result in fines stipulated by the Organizer. During the booth assembly period, vehicles will be allowed access to the interior of the park for the time necessary for loading and unloading materials and goods. Drivers must be careful NOT to obstruct the flow of traffic, subject to removal of the vehicle and fines.
IMPORTANT: The last day for booth assembly is August 10 (Friday); this assembly includes furniture, electronics, refrigerators and other utensils that require transportation. The last day for entry of agricultural equipment and machinery that needs to be transported, ends at 8 p.m. on August 12th (Sunday), and dealerships have until 10 a.m. on August 13th. After this date, only materials carried in the hand can enter, and circulation of vehicles IS PROHIBITED; vehicles will only have access to the parking area.

4.1 START OF ASSEMBLY – All booth assembly companies, in order to obtain access to the Park to start assembly, MUST follow the instructions below:
a) The Exhibitors/Assemblers who are delinquent with payments will be obliged to immediately pay their commitments to the Organizer to obtain the release of the area destined to assembly of their booth, whether these commitments concern contractual installments or assembly fees;
b) Submit Form 02 – Assembler Employee List, duly completed with name and CPF (or SSN) of the entire crew that will be providing services within the Park. When new hires are made during the assembly, these same documents must be submitted;
c) Sign the Statement of Commitment and Responsibility of the booth Assembly Company;
d) The assembling companies must present the designs of each booth, containing:
• Original copy of the A.R.T. (Technical Responsibility Note) issued by an engineer, or R.R.T. (Technical Responsibility Record) issued by an Architect, referring to each booth assembled;
• Floor plan of the booth and pyramid canvases with the size (in square meters) of each one;
• If there are any ramps or stairs, it is mandatory to install handrails and guardrails;
• Descriptive memorandum of each design containing the quantity, type and location of FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. The fire extinguishers must be physically in the positions informed in the design by Friday, August 10th, for inspection by the Fire Department. This is the responsibility of the BOOTH ASSEMBLER, regardless of the contract made with Exhibitor Companies. 
e) Inform the Organizer of the mobile phone number of the person in charge of the Assembler's work in the Park and the subsequent work shifts during the event;
f) Submit proof of payment of the Assembly Fee.

4.2 ALERT FOR ASSEMBLY - The booths should have their structure finished by August 9th (Thursday) no later than 8 p.m. Furniture, electronics, refrigerators and other utensils should be in the booth by Friday, August 10th, the last date for vehicle entry to the booth area. If the booth is not assembled by this deadline, a fine equivalent to 50% of the value of the space will be charged, as mentioned in Clause 3, paragraph 1 of the Rental Agreement. Assembly work must be done in advance, and not left until the last minute.

4.3 DECORATION OF THE BOOTH - The decoration should be finished by August 12th (Sunday) no later than 8 p.m. All work must be expressly done in advance, and not left until the last minute.

4.4 OUTSOURCED SERVICES – For any type of outsourced service at the event, such as booth construction, landscaping or decoration, the EXHIBITOR will be responsible for passing on all the information contained in these Regulations and jointly responsible for the behavior of these third-party contractors within the Park, except for the accredited service providers.

4.5 STRUCTURE OF THE LEASED AREA - Any alteration to the physical structure of the leased area, such as test-drive ramps and/or possible construction needs, must be submitted prior to the start of the work and exhibitors/assemblers must await authorization from the Organizer. No buildings or excavations of any kind will be allowed in the leased area, only for the placement of company flags. The companies should use booths, tarps, pyramids and/or containers.

4.6 LOCATION OF THE AREAS - The area contracted by the exhibitor will be demarcated by the Organizer, and the installation of the booth cannot exceed the demarcated boundaries (not even with tie rods or ropes). The correct meterage (footage) of the area is included in Clause 2 of the Rental Agreement and must be informed to the assembly company.

4.7 BREAK-DOWN OF BOOTHS – The disassembly period will be from August 19th–31st. Agroleite 2018 will close on August 18th (Saturday) at 6 p.m. Exhibitors will be free to vacate the booth from this time, with the materials carried by hand. Removal of equipment and machinery, and the complete break-down of the booth will only be allowed on the day after the closing of the event. IMPORTANT - The assembler can only break down the booth starting on Sunday, August 19th, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. until August 31st, in order to return it in the same conditions as received.

The assembly fee is for the reimbursement of expenses on electricity, water, maintenance and garbage collection. This fee will be charged solely and exclusively to the booth Assembler according to the size of the booth contracted by the Exhibitor. This charge will be made for all types of areas (open-air, covered, and field areas). If the assembly is performed by the exhibiting company itself (without the hiring of an assembler), it will be responsible for payment of this fee. The fee will also be owed by exhibitors who use a truck–booth, motor home, inflatable tents, and others.
a) Closed booth area, amount of R$ 7.00 per square meter;
b) Open area, only with pyramid or canvas cover, R$ 2.50 per square meter.

During the event, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to circulate any type of vehicle within the Park, including electric carts and motorcycles. During the assembly period, only access of vehicles with authorization and accompanied by the Organizer will be allowed. Vehicles should remain inside the Park for the minimum length of time for loading/unloading, and immediately return to the parking area. After the deadline for entry of vehicles, August 10th (Friday), the materials must be carried by hand or with hand trucks.
Companies that will be exhibiting vehicles will be free to place the cars until Monday, August 13th, at exactly 10 a.m.

Booth Assemblers can have credentials issued for a car, truck and/or motorcycle to carry out the work within the Park, with the guidance and authorization of the Organizer. Vehicle credentials will only be issued for Booth Assemblers. Service Providers and others may NOT circulate with vehicles without prior authorization from the Organizer. Please pay ATTENTION to the rules on the movement of vehicles within the Park:
• Do not drive on grass;
• Do not obstruct the streets;
• Do not park the vehicles in the Square (Praça), booth areas, and plant beds of the park;
• Respect the speed limit of 10 km/h.

The event will provide free parking for use by exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitor credentials (animals or companies) will be required for access to Parking lots 1 and 2. Other vehicles must be parked in the Park's external parking lot. The ORGANIZER has an internal parking area for trucks and buses in a planned place; vehicles will be subject to fine if not parked in the designated location.

The leased areas must be cleaned daily by the Exhibitor and/or Assembler, before, during and after the event, and the existing material must be appropriately placed in plastic bags or recipients and deposited in the trash bins for collection by the Organizer. The Assembler should take care not to damage grassy areas and deliver the leased area clean and in perfect visual condition.

7.1 PROPER CARE OF THE GROUNDS - LANDSCAPING, LAWN AND GRAVEL AREAS - The Exhibitor and/or Assembler or any other company that provides service within the Park must take the utmost care not to damage the grass, the landscaping and the gravel areas, delivering the areas in the perfectly cleaning conditions. Such care will be strictly enforced by the Organizer. Tarps, boards, pyramid structures, flooring, and other similar structures on the lawn area (plant beds) are EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. If it is necessary to excavate or cut the lawns, the Organizer must always be notified in advance, which may or may not authorize it. Care for the grounds must be respected before, during and after the event.

7.2 QUALITY OF THE BOOTH - Even though the Exhibitor and Assembler are fully responsible, the Organizer reserves the right to evaluate the safety and quality of the booth, require changes, or not allow assembly.

7.3 MAINTENANCE DURING THE EVENT – During the week of the event, for any type of maintenance or possible problems in the booths, the ASSEMBLER company must leave one or more responsible persons on duty for inspection and monitoring.

7.4 REPLACEMENT OF GOODS - PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT - During the event, the replacement of the goods should be done between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., provided these cars have credentials to provide services within the event.


8.1 OPERATING RULES - The streets and aisles are for common use; placement of banners or decorative motifs is prohibited, as is the distribution of folders, except for official Gold-level and Diamond-level sponsors.

8.2 BANNERS - POSTERS AND FOLDERS - Placement of posters, banners or flags will be freely allowed within the Exhibitor area. No dissemination or display of materials is permitted outside the contracted booth area.

8.3 NON-TRANSFERABILITY - The Exhibitor may not totally or partially transfer any right and responsibility assumed in relation to the event, nor sublet or assign part or all of the area, to any other company or product without the prior and express consent of the Organizer. In case of interest in exhibiting in the same area, each company must pay the rental amount of this area to Castrolanda.

8.4 DISSEMINATION OF THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS - Exhibitors may not promote, publicize or market any products or brands that are not of their own manufacture or representation. The booth façade must be kept only with the company name. If other brands are displayed, the Exhibitor will be notified and called upon to provide clarification to the Event Organizer.

8.5 RESPONSIBILITY - The Exhibitor is solely responsible for its booth and also for the loading and unloading of any equipment to be used before, during and after the event; disassembly and removal of machinery must be done by August 31st (Thursday). The Organizer shall not be liable for damages or losses of any nature, caused to persons or products on display.

8.6 INSURANCE – The booths, goods, products, equipment and personnel are NOT covered by an insurance policy. The Organizer assigns to the exhibitors the responsibility for taking appropriate measures regarding insurance against any risks.

8.7 FAIR SECURITY AND PRIVATE SECURITY - The general security of the Park will be provided by a company hired by Castrolanda, starting July 9th (Monday). The Exhibitor is solely responsible for the materials in its booth. The Organizer shall not be liable for losses or damages of any nature caused to persons or products on display before, during or after the event. If the Exhibitor chooses to hire private security, it must be through the same company that will provide security for the event.

8.9 DEMONSTRATION OF PRODUCTS - Demonstration of products and equipment can only be done within the contracted area, with the necessary safety protections to visitors and equipment operator(s).

8.10 SOUND VOLUME - Within the Exhibitor booth, the volume of any sound/music must be limited to no more than 80 decibels or the normal speaking volume. If the Exhibitor does not comply with this rule, the Organizer will take appropriate measures. Any Exhibitor who feels impaired by loud sounds from a neighboring booth can make a written statement to the Organizer.


9.1 MEALS/SNACKS AND DRINKS (soft drinks and water) - The SALE of drinks, snacks or meals, even if carried out inside the Exhibitor booth, is prohibited. The Organizer will provide restaurants for participants and attendees to purchase lunch, and a Food Court for snacks.

9.2 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - The consumption of alcoholic beverages during the booth assembly and disassembly period is expressly prohibited. During the days of the event, alcoholic beverages will be permitted only after 6 pm. IMPORTANT: The Park will close every day at 9 p.m. So this will be the latest time for socializing at the booths. Starting at that time, event security personnel will inspect the entire park for the general closing of the gates.

9.3 SUPPLY OF BEVERAGES - The beverage supplier engaged by Castrolanda will be announced in due course. The purchase of beverages from any other company that is not the Official company engaged by the Organizer is prohibited, subject to a warning and a fine for any Exhibitor that fails to abide by the rules.

9.4 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS - The Organizer will provide, for each lot, one power point of 32 amps at 220 volts three-phase, i.e., 12kVA of power. This point will be on the walls located between the lots and will consist of: one industrial standard shielded three-phase, 3-pole 16A 220V outlet, one 2P+G 20A 220V two-phase outlet, and one 2P+G 20A 127V single-phase outlet for each lot. All electrical installation can only be done by licensed professional (electrician). We alert you to the necessary care with the electrical installations, which must be done within the standards and with the utmost safety, avoiding poorly secured or hanging wires. The Exhibitor/Assembler is responsible for the internal installations that are necessary and for carrying the feed from the point of delivery on the walls to the booth. The connection at the point of power supply must be made through an appropriate plug for the outlets and multi-pole cables. The route from the supply point to the booth must meet the following criteria: 
a) Not hinder the movement of people; 
b) Not leave bare cables; 
c) Not energize metal parts; 
d) Cables must be organized (not leave them strewn on the ground);
e) Each booth must have a circuit breaker panel to protect the internal circuit(s).
ATTENTION: Connecting cables directly into sockets with no plugs will not be allowed; installations must comply with standard NBR-5410 and no voltage will be supplied at 380 Volts. Any damage is the sole responsibility of the ASSEMBLER and EXHIBITOR, but the Organizer reserves the right to inspect all services performed with licensed personnel

9.5 SECURING MASTS TO THE GROUND - Minimum depth of 0.5 m and at least 15% of its length.

9.6 SAFETY AND FIRE – According to the Park's rules on safety and accident prevention, a fire extinguisher must be maintained at each booth for CLASSES A, B and C, with 6-kg nominal capacity and 2-A: 20-B:C fire extinguishing capacity. It must be placed at the entrance to the booth, in an easily accessible location, properly positioned and signed. The Fire Department and the Castrolanda Fire Brigade will inspect the booths on August 10th (Friday). The Fire Brigade will be trained for the needs of the Event, in compliance with the Castrolanda safety standards.

9.7 PLUMBING AT THE BOOTHS – The Organizer does not provide a plumbing network for the booths. Construction of kitchens and buffets inside the booth is not permitted.

The Ministry of Labor and the Castrolanda Work and Safety Staff will monitor the workers from the start of set-up until the end of breakdown. Accordingly, below we inform the legal standards for the proper functioning of the event:

10.1 PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT AND SAFETY CONDITIONS – The Exhibitors and/or Assemblers are responsible for supplying, instructing and controlling the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employees, as well as ensuring employees are appropriately licensed to drive and operate agricultural machinery, motorcycles and vehicles in general.

10.2 CRANES, TRUCK-MOUNTED CRANES, WINCHES AND LIFT TRUCKS – Such equipment must be operated only by licensed and trained personnel. Operators must keep training certificates with them, as they may be requested by the Castrolanda Occupational Safety Technician at any time.

10.3 LIST OF EMPLOYEES - All companies must provide the Organizer with an up-to-date list of employees, from set-up to break-down. This form must be submitted before entering the Park.

10.4 WORKING AT HEIGHTS - All workers who are to perform work at heights (over 2 meters from ground level) must submit a training certificate as required by Regulatory Standard
NR-35, as well as the use of all PPE according to NR.  For further information, please contact: Regional Inspection Office – Fairs, Conventions and Events.

10.5 CHILD LABOR – The Exhibitors and/or Assemblers undertake not to use children and adolescents under eighteen (18) years of age, nor allow the use thereof, in performing any such activities, pursuant to the Statement of Commitment of July 4, 2001, signed with the Labor District Attorney – Regional Labor Office – 9th Region.

The demonstration invoices for transportation of goods from the Industry to the Agroleite Fair shall be issued in the corporate name, EIN and address of the Exhibitor. The Remarks field of the invoice must contain the text: "Asset or goods destined to the AGROLEITE 2018 event that will take place August 14–18, 2018, at the address PR 340 Km 198 - Estrada Castro–Castrolanda, Castro PR". It is necessary for exhibitors to observe the tax laws of their respective States, regarding the procedures for shipping goods and equipment to the Fair, since each State has its rules. The following "operation tax nature" should be used: Shipment of goods or asset to an exhibition or fair, CFOP 5914. For the return trip from Agroleite to the Industry, an invoice using the following tax nature should be issued: Return, CFOP 1914. And the Remarks field of the return invoice must contain the following text: "Return of asset or goods shipped to the AGROLEITE 2018 event that took place August 14–18, 2018 at the address PR 340 Km 198 - Estrada Castro–Castrolanda, Castro PR". IMPORTANT - Castrolanda will not issue, in any circumstance, a Demonstration Return Invoice, therefore, when shipping the goods to Agroleite, not to use the CNPJ (EIN) or name of Castrolanda, but use your own corporate name.

Exhibitors and Assemblers undertake to comply with the provisions contained in these General Regulations. We ask you to pass along these regulations to your employees, outsourcers, suppliers and especially booth assemblers, and appropriately guide them on the proper fulfillment thereof.